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Marketing strategies: the use of coupons
Marketing strategies: the use of coupons

Tips and tricks to help you maximise the use of coupons

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There are a thousand ways to use coupons. It's up to you to find which one is right for you.

An easy-to-use, yet very powerful promotional tool!

Whether as a percentage or a fixed amount, YOU have control over the type of discount your coupons have. Determine the validity period of your promotional codes, as well as their maximum number of uses and... voila!

Establish your brand

Promote your business and woo your customers with targeted promotional campaigns. Whether it's one-off promotions, open-ended discounts or even privileges, you have complete control over how your coupons are applied!

Develop new audiences

The first impression is key. Show your customers, prospects and strangers the extent of your knowledge by offering them an introductory discount. It's all about momentum. An insider prospect is much easier to convert to a repeat customer than a stranger.

"Hey, it's been a long time!"

Be creative applying your marketing strategy. Why not solicit your inactive users with a loyalty promotion? Offer them a 10% discount on their next purchases by thanking them for trusting you in the past!

Email marketing? Mailchimp? Zapier, you say?

If you have any interest in marketing, you know the power of email marketing. Still few people know it, but Didacte allows a connection between your platform and Mailchimp, through a Zapier integration.

Each creation of account on your platform can feed your mailing list, why not take the opportunity to offer a welcome discount?

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