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Retrieve a completion certificate
Retrieve a completion certificate

How to find a completed course certificate

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If the administrator has activated this option, completion certificates are issued automatically by the platform when you complete a course or learning path.

Once a course has been taken, whether online, in a webinar or in a classroom, each participant is responsible for completing the course. All lessons must be completed and tests passed before the "Complete course" button becomes available in the bottom right-hand corner of the last lesson.

For learning paths, the certificate will be generated when all the courses included in the path have been completed.

Upon completion, you will receive your certificate in PDF format by email.

Retrieve a completion certificate

You can retrieve your completion certificate at any time. There are two ways to do this:

1. Retrieving a certificate via the learner dashboard

Go to your learner dashboard, where you'll find a link to your certificates in the "Overview" section.

Click on "Certificates" and you'll have access to all your certificates, both for your completed courses and learning paths. On the right, you'll see the button for downloading the desired certificate, which you can keep for your records.

2. Retrieving a certificate via the summary of a completed course

You can collect your participation certificate at any time. You can find all your completed courses in the menu through My courses > Courses > Completed.

You can then choose the course for which you want to get your certificate. Under the course info, you will find the mention "Certificate". You can retrieve your certificates in PDF format or by email.

Note that you can repeat the same steps for a learning path.

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