Manual enrollments

Simplifying individual course assignments

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Manual enrollments allow you to assign specific courses to different users. This feature comes in handy for ad hoc enrollments as users progress in your organization.

How it works

Head to the Enrollments > Manual enrollments tab under your administrator's menu.

You will find different fields allowing you to easily enroll users or members of a group to various courses/learning paths. In just a few clicks, you can enroll hundreds of users in courses, simultaneously.

The Enrollment type menu allows you to choose specifically between enrolling students in a course or in a learning path.

In the Users section, select the individual user(s) you wish to enroll, or the entire user group that's of interest.

Be advised that by selecting a user group, you will enroll all the users associated with this group.

As you will notice, by default, students are notified by email. Whenever users are manually enrolled, they will receive an email with a quick access button to start the course. You can deactivate this notification if need be.

Finally, under the Courses or Learning paths section, choose the course(s) or the learning path(s) to assign to the chosen users/groups.

Since Workleap LMS allows the management of in-class/ instructor-led courses and past-dated versions, the check box Include past sessions allows you to:

  • Add participants who were present at an in-person event, but who were not registered to keep their profile up-to-date with their learning participations.

  • Manually enroll users in a specific course version which enrollment period has expired.

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