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Course access (Public, Per Enrollment Request and Private)
Course access (Public, Per Enrollment Request and Private)

Restricted access and hidden courses setup

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Included in our Pro and Enterprise plan, Courses available by enrollment request allow you to control who can access a public course on your platform.

An approved access request immediately enrolls the student in the course, giving them access to the content. There is no payment linked to this type of access.

The Enterprise plan also offers this feature, while adding the option of making a course private, available by manual enrollment only.

How it works

To change how to access a course, go to Manage courses and click on the desired course. Then click on the Access and pricing tab.

Courses available by enrollment request

This option allows you to create courses that are publicly displayed in your course directory, but not available for instant access.

Your members must request an access, which then may be approved or denied by the adminisitrator.

This approach is ideal for courses with prerequisites or specific criterias.

Any requested access will be kept pending and you will easily be notified in the menu as you will see notification marker, associated with the Enrollments > Enrollment requests tab.

Under this designated section, you will find the list of pending applications, as well as the list of registrations that you have previously approved or rejected.

You may add a comment on the approval or denial of the enrollment request to communicate your decision to the member.

Note that the use of "per enrollment requests" courses in a learning path does not change the intended enrollment flow. A user will therefore request access to a course, which must then be approved by an administrator in order to allow him to access the content and continue his journey.

Courses available by manual enrollment only

Only available on platforms using Enterprise plans, these private courses are not publicly displayed on your platform.

This is a good approach for creating and providing tailor-made content to specific customers, or for a segmentation of your userbase (eg: Business Management).

The only way for a user to be aware of this content is through manual enrollment processed by an administrator.

Restricted access groups

Only available in our Enterprise plan, the restricted access groups feature adds an additional layer of control for the logistics of your platform.

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