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Managing multi-language featured courses display on a single platform

Updated over a week ago

The Featured Courses feature allows you to highlight some strategic courses on your homepage. Whether it's based on your most popular courses or your onboarding process, the strategic use of this feature allows the user to simplify his first contact with the platform.

To customize the order of your featured courses, go to Content > Manage courses > Featured courses.

Your most recent courses are displayed by default on your home page if you do not set up featured courses. If your online courses repertory is bilingual, this may result in a mixed display of French and English courses on your homepage.

The "custom order" of courses within the display settings section applies to the search engine, but independently from the display of courses on your homepage. If no course is set as featured, your homepage courses are therefore random, based on the order of display and the date of creation.

Didacte does a recognition of the configured language on the browser. In order to benefit from this feature, it is important to manually configure your featured courses in order to present relevant content on your homepage, in the correct display language of your participants.

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