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The anatomy of a quiz in Workleap LMS

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Tests are vital in structuring online courses that will perform.

Communicating one's expertise is one thing, validating the understanding of our participants is another.

A common mistake made by trainers is not to allow participants to validate their understanding of the information presented to them as they progress throughout a course.

That's why we encourage the use of multiple tests and exams throughout your course plan. These take center stage in the creation of a course on Workleap LMS.

Better understand the tests in Workleap LMS

Following the creation of a "Test" lesson, Workleap LMS always presents you a default, dummy, multiple choices question to better guide you.

Workleap LMS allows you to create tests with 3 different educational approaches:

  • Multiple Choices

  • Long Text (Open-Ended Question)

  • File Upload

Multiple Choices

Multiple choices questions are the most commonly used on Workleap LMS. The anatomy is very simple: set a question, and different choices of possible answers and let the system do the rest.

You can even create questions requiring multiple answers simultaneously. It's up to you to determine if, to be successful, a participant must have one or all of the correct answers checked.

The correction grid is fully automated, so you have no action to take and the participant's score is presented instantly once he submits his answers.

Long Text

Long text questions allow you to dig deeper and understand the thought process of your participants.

You ask them a question, and everyone must write their own answer.

Since the system can not automatically correct these answers, you will need to enable manual correction. This setting is located on the right side of the test creator, in the settings panel.

Following the submission of a test with manual correction, the teacher will receive an email informing him that a participant has completed a test and is waiting for a correction.

The trainer can then comment on the answer, determine the score value to the question and return the correction to allow the participant to resume his course progression.

If your training is configured as "non-linear" and your quiz is optional, the participant can continue the training without waiting for the teacher's correction.

File Upload

File upload questions allow participants to return participants notebooks, technical files, or other files for manual corrections. The quiz is not composed of questions, but rather an instruction to send you a specific file to be reviewed by the trainer.

Since the system can not automatically correct these answers, you will need to enable manual correction.

Test settings

Mandatory test

You have the flexibility to determine whether a test is mandatory or optional.

The use of an optional test allows the user to validate his level of understanding of the subject without compromising his training success. This also forces the participant to think and thus increases his level of information retention.

The optional quizzes do not affect the achievement of a course.

The mandatory quizzes are directly related to the completion of the training and obtaining the certificate.

Success criteria

You can determine the specific success criteria for each of your tests. The weighting of the questions can be modified under the "Weighting" tab of each question section.

Feedback level

Following the submission of an exam, you have control over the information that the platform presents to the participants.

You can show them the minimum information, which is the pass mark they will get.

To this may be added information on the questions to which they had the right answer.

The highest level of feedback allows you to present the passing grade, the questions they have passed with flying colours, as well as the explanation for failed questions. The explanation can be added specifically to each question under the "Explanation" tab.

Number of test attempts allowed

As a trainer, you can limit the number of attempts to an exam. When all attempts are used, the participant must contact you to request the addition of another attempt.

You can add an attempt from the user's profile section.

Manual correction

As mentioned above, our system automatically processes the corrections of a multiple-choice question, as it is obligatory to provide us with the correction grid.

However, it is impossible for our system to correct long text formats and uploaded files.

Activating manual correction will notify you of each test submission so that you can take the required actions.

Each correction remains pending under the Enrollments > Corrections > Pending section. Once corrected, a copy of the exam and your corrections is saved on the platform under the Enrollments > Corrections > Processed section to be able to follow up if necessary.

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