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How to make a refund on Didacte
How to make a refund on Didacte

Partial or full refund of a transaction

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You can easily process refunds from your Didacte platform.

As an administrator, you always have access to the billing information of each transaction.

To process a refund, you will first need to access the user's profile under the "Users > Manage Users" section.

Under the "latest invoices" section, you will gain access to the legal information of each transaction:

  • Date

  • Name of the participant

  • Unique invoice number

  • Discount Coupon Information (if applicable)

  • Course name

  • Total amount paid

By clicking on the "Refund" button, you will be able to process a partial or full refund, at your discretion.

The amount entered is the total refund. You must therefore include taxes in the amount, if applicable.

If you only refund a part of the total amount, you must also add taxes to the amount, on a pro rata basis.

If a problem occurs during a transaction, the Didacte Refund Guarantee allows users and trainers to communicate with each other and resolve any problem.

The Didacte fees billed to the platform will be refunded in proportion to the amount refunded to the user if the refund is made within 60 days of issuance of the original invoice. After 60 days, Didacte fees are not refunded.

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