Credits management

The use of credits to support the skills development of your members

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The "Credits" tab of your Workleap LMS platform is intended to create a credit structure associated with your courses.

Whether it is to support internal initiatives for the development of your employees or to add professional continuous credits for your courses, the use of credits is strongly encouraged to act as an incentive for training.

The credits are automatically displayed on the completion certificates and the presentation cards of your courses.

Creating a new credit type

Under the Content > Categorization > Credits section, you can create your credit structure.

First, you will need to create a new credit type, which represents a category of credits you want to make available.

This level serves as the overarching theme and cannot be directly linked to a course. Creating specific credits to the type will enable you to associate credits to a course.

Now, by clicking on the "+ Credit" button, you can create an unlimited number of credits under each type of credit.

In this example, we are creating credits to support our Management team development strategy.

Courses can be associated with communication, leadership or recognition credits.

Credit type options

When creating a credit type, if it is associated with official accreditations from professional groups or associations, you may be required to provide a reference number per credit.

Furthermore, you can allow a course to be associated with more than one credit at a time.

Check those boxes, as needed.

Designate credits to a course

Under the "Categorization > Credits awarded" tab of your course editor, you will now see your available credit types.

You only have to activate the desired credits so that they are displayed on the course.

Awarded credits summary

As an administrator, you can see the credits earned by your members in no time.

By consulting the profile of each of your users, under the "obtained credits summary", you will have access to the details of the credits obtained, in order to follow their development.

This section becomes very valuable when you take the time to create an internal credit structure that is consistent with your organization's promotional structure.

The use of credit summaries can be combined with an internal recognition program to maximize the impact of credits and the engagement of your users.

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