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Creating multiple versions and syllabus of online courses

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The course versions allow you to adapt your training to different contexts.

You can:

  • create different versions for a single course, all linked to the same title, description and objective. (Ex: Use cases could be adapted to industry per version)

  • manage training cohorts by segmenting enrollments

  • manage enrollments for a hybrid courses on which you only want to change the virtual classroom dates

When creating your course, the system will automatically generate 1 version, linked to 1 syllabus

From there, the version feature allows you to create multiple versions and either:

  • link them to an existing syllabus

  • duplicate an existing syllabus to create slight modifications, as needed.

  • create a new blank syllabus

Course enrollments are associated with a specific version in order to simplify the progress tracking of your users.

How to create multiple versions of a single course

Under the version tab, you will be able to add a new version by clicking the "add a version" button.

Clicking on a version or creating a new one will open the versions settings.

You will want to name the version, and assign a specific user as in charge of the specific version, if applicable. This user will override current the course owner and will be in charge of quiz grading, if applicable

From there, you will want to confirm if this version should :

  • link to an existing syllabus

  • duplicate an existing syllabus to have its own independent one

  • create a new syllabus to build from scratch

Lastly, you can set up the registrations settings relative to this specific version. Enrollments can be limited in time and in numbers per version.

Be advised that the system will not display courses that do not have a valid registration period in the course directory. If all of your versions have an "end date" setting that's in the past, the course will not appear in the directory for new users.

Editing a syllabus

Once your versions are set up, you can access the "Syllabus" tab to make the necessary modification on every course created.

You can switch between course plans through the drop down menu at the top.

Updates made in a course plan will impact every version that is linked to it.

Not sure which course plan is associated with which version? Click on the "View all versions associated to this syllabus." link to see which version is link to the active course plan you are working on.

How to enroll in a course with multiple versions

Employees requested to enroll in a course with multiple versions will need to select the specific version they want to enroll into.

A dropdown menu will replace the classic "start now" button.

A user cannot be enrolled in multiple versions at once. If a user selects a version, they are bound to this version until they are disenrolled by an admin.

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