Subscription plans

Creation of a recurring billing cycle to access certain courses or all of them

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It is possible to create subscription plans in your platform under the section Sales > Subscription plans.

Please note that discount coupons cannot be used to purchase a subscription.

Subscriptions allow you to sell access to your course's contents on an automated billing cycle. Subscriptions can be scheduled so that automatic renewal is processed on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Your subscriptions can allow access to some of your courses, or all of them.

Following his subscription, a user can consult the courses included in the offer without limitation. A user retains access to its content until the renewal is stopped. If he cancels his subscription, he will lose access to the courses previously viewed.

Once created, you cannot change the price or renewal period of a subscription plan.

Adding a course to a subscription plan

You can add a course to a subscription under the "Access and payment" tab, in the course editor.

At the bottom of the "Payment" subsection, you will find the list of the different subscriptions offered on your platform. You will be able to check-in which subscriptions your course should be included

Archiving a subscription plan

The Archive section is used to prevent new subscriptions to a plan from a certain date, without penalizing those who are already subscribed.

An archived plan is only functional for those who are already subscribed to it. Subscribed users keep access to their courses and they still pay for the subscription until they decide to unsubscribe themselves.

Unsubscribing a student

It is the student's responsibility to cancel a subscription that is no longer needed.

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