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Using "markdown" for advanced text formats
Using "markdown" for advanced text formats

How to enhance certain text fields with advanced formatting

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Some text fields in Didacte allow you to use advanced formatting functions. "Markdown" can be used in certain sections of your platform, to enhance the visual experience.

Note: Do not use markdown in "text" type lessons. This type of lesson already has its own built-in formatting tools.

Here are the text fields that support markdown:


  • Description

  • Goals

  • Target audience

  • Additional information for a lesson

  • Session details

  • Trainer's bio

  • Supplier description

  • Description of a credit unit

  • Conclusion message

  • Extra info to display on the certificate


  • Test question

  • Corrector's comment following a manual correction

  • Explanation to a question


  • General terms

  • User biography


Between brackets, enter the text you want to turn into a link. Right after (without a space), in parentheses, insert the full link of the address where you want users to be redirected.

As an example, to invite people to go to Didacte's website, it would look like this:

It's important to put the complete URL of the destination site, including the "http: // www." or the "https: // www." at the beginning.

To avoid any errors, the best method is to copy and paste the entire address from your browser!


To use subtitles, use the "#" character followed by a space, in front of the text. The more subtitles levels you need, the more "#" you add.

Text formatting

Here are the characters you need to add to your words or sentences that require special formatting.


To add an image, insert the characters "! []", followed by the full URL of the image in parenthesis. The address of the image must be integral, with "http: //" or "https: //" at the beginning. Here is an example:

It's very important that the image used belongs to you or is copyright free. Be advised that these images need to be hosted outside of Didacte.

Point form list

To create bullet lists, just use a dash "-", then followed by a space before the text.

To add a second level, insert two spaces, a dash "-", then followed by another space before your text.

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