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Automated email notifications
Automated email notifications

Find out when your users will receive notification emails from your platform.

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For certain events, your Didacte platform sends automated notifications by email to your students.

Student email notifications

Events linked to a course enrollment

  • Sign up instructions for the platform (finalizing the account creation)

  • Ennrollment confirmation of an in-person course

  • Approval or denial of an enrollment request

  • Manual enrollment by the administrator confirmation

Course progression events

  • New lesson or new module available (drip content)

  • Reminder 24 hours before an in-person lesson, or 1 hour before a live lesson or a virtual classroom

  • Correction of a quiz by the teacher

  • New certificate

Payment events

  • New invoice

  • Action required for a payment

  • Failed payment

For any other type of message that you wish to send to your users, Didacte encourages you to communicate with them manually.

Do you want to go further in the automating of your emails? Take a look at the Zapier integration.

Administrator email notifications

Platform events

  • Platform creation

  • If a teacher is not designated on a course - Test submitted by a student (correction pending)

  • Enrollment request

Notification emails are only sent to the platform's main administrator (platform owner), if there's no teacher assigned for the course.

As soon as a teacher is assigned to a course, he's the one who will receive notifications related to the course in question.

It is possible to change the platform owner Configuration > Account management > Transfer ownership".

Sending blind carbon copies (BCC) notifications

In the general settings of your platform (Configuration > General Settings > Comunications), you can add a designated email address made to receive a BCC of all notification emails sent to your users.

This is relevant if you want to keep track of the activity on your platform in an email account intended for this purpose.

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