Learning paths

Create a unified learning experience by bundling together several courses into a single, cohesive learning journey.

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Learning paths are a powerful tool in Workleap LMS that helps organize and streamline the learning journey for your users.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating, managing, and using learning paths effectively.

What is a learning path?

A learning path is a curated sequence of courses, modules, or learning activities designed to help users achieve specific learning objectives or skill development goals. It provides a structured approach to learning by guiding users through a predefined progression of content.

Creating a learning path

  1. Click "Content > Learning Paths" from the sidebar to access the learning paths management interface.

  2. Click on the "+ New" button to begin the process.

  3. Define description and objectives: Write a short description and clearly outline the objectives and goals of the learning path to ensure alignment with user needs.

Build your learning path structure

Learning paths are built using a series of steps. Each step can contain multiple courses.

Depending on your learning approach, steps might have to be completed in a specific order. Courses inside a step can always be completed in any order but will be presented in the order you define.

  1. Set up the learning approach: In the "Steps" section, you must choose the learning approach for your learning path:

    1. Linear approach: This approach will require users to progress through the steps in order. Users can only access a step if they have completed all of the courses in the previous steps. ​

    2. Flexible approach: This approach allows users to enroll in any courses included in the learning path according to their preferences and priorities. This can be useful if you want to bundle courses together and organize them in themes or subjects without imposing a specific order.

  2. Create steps and courses structure: Build your step structure and add courses to each step.

    Note that learning path access takes precedence over access settings defined at the course level. For example, by adding a private course to a learning path, users enrolled in that learning path will have access to view the course, even though it would not normally appear in the course directory.

  3. Save changes: Once you are happy with your learning path setup, save your changes.

Learning path status

Publish your learning path by updating the status from "Draft" to "Published" in order to enroll users.

Later, you could change the status to "Disabled" to maintain access for users already enrolled in the learning path but prevent future enrollments.

Automatically enroll team members in a learning path

Learning path enrollments can be done manually or through automation based on your team structure.

To automate learning path enrollments, go to the "Access" tab of the learning path builder. Select one or multiple teams to systematically enroll members added to these teams in the learning path.

Enrollments will be processed as you add people to the teams over time. Existing members will be enrolled in the learning path immediately.

If you have access to manage teams, you can also automate learning path enrollments from the teams section.

Under "User > User Groups", you will find the list of all your teams. By clicking on a team, you will find the "Enrollment in a learning path" settings. Similarly, this will allow you to link a team with a published learning path to automate enrollments.

Frequently asked questions

Does enrolling a user in a learning path automatically enroll them in courses?

No. A learning path facilitates course access and better represents the expected progression. Users must enroll in courses they are expected to complete as they progress through the learning path.

Where can I see details of learning path enrollments?

  • In the "Enrollments > Progress reports" section, you can use the learning paths report to list and filter all learning path enrollments.

  • In a user details page, a list of their learning path enrollments will appear if relevant.

Clicking on a learning path enrollment will take you to the details page for that specific enrollment.

What if I include courses with multiple versions in a learning path?

When enrolling in a course with multiple versions, students must select which version they want to enroll in.

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