Add filters to your course directory

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Categories allow you to structure and add different filters in your course directory. This simply the course research for your users.

Categories are displayed on the course directory to every users of your platform

Creating a course category on Workleap LMS

Here's a guide on how to create course categories in WorkLeap LMS:

  1. Navigate to Course Categories: Within the "Content > Categorisation" menu, you will find your platform's category structure

  2. Add a New Category: In the course categories section, click on the" add a new category", located at the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Enter Category Details: You'll be prompted to enter details for the new category. Be advised that you can require a category to be set as a mandatory information on all courses by enabling the "select required" option. You can also allow multiple categories to be assigned to a specific course.

  4. Create subcategories: Once you have created the high-level category, you can create subcategories, which will be used as filters in the course directory.

    To state an example, the category here is "Difficulty", which wouldn't make sense to assign to a course, and its subcategories are the actual levels of difficulty, which would be of interest for course filtering.

  5. Edit or Delete Categories (if needed): If you ever need to make changes to your categories, such as editing the name or description, or deleting a category altogether, you can usually do so from the course categories section in the admin panel. Look for options to edit or delete categories and follow the prompts to make the desired changes.

That's it! You've now created course categories in WorkLeap LMS, allowing you to organize your courses effectively for your users. If you have any further questions or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to WorkLeap support for assistance.

The custom categories created on your platform are automatically added above the mandatory filters.

These are displayed automatically:

  • Language (if you use more than one)

  • Course type - "In-person" or "Online"

Assign a category to a course

Access the course management via Content > Manage courses.

Click on the course you want to categorize and go to the Categorization tab, in the course editor.

This tab allows you to assign the relevant categories in which this course should appear.

Note that the asterisk in front of some of the categories means they are mandatory. You must therefore assign at least one sub-category to it before you can save and/or publish your course.

If you allowed the use of multiple subcategories in the configuration of your category, the drop-down menu will allow you to add more than one.

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