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Virtual classroom minimal system requirements
Virtual classroom minimal system requirements

Technical specifications for great virtual classroom experiences

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For optimal use of the virtual classroom feature, we recommend the following minimum system specifications:

  • An internet connection of 1 Mbps (download) and 0.5 Mbps (upload). You can test your connection speed here:

  • A computer with a dual-core processor

  • 2Gb of RAM

  • An up-to-date operating system supporting the most recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

  • Chrome and Firefox offer optimized performance for this type of use. These are the two browsers to prioritize.

Note: This feature's performance may vary depending on your internet connection and the device used.

Although numbers may vary based on your computer and network performances, we recommend:

  • 25 users maximum if every user is connected with active microphones and cameras.

  • 60 users maximum if the presenter is the only user with its camera / microphone on.

Network connectivity icon

It is possible to check your connection status during a virtual classroom. The icon is displayed at the top right corner of the class.

If your internet connection is unstable and/or too slow, the icon will turn red.

If necessary, you can click on it to reduce your bandwidth demand. The dialog will also show a recent log of connectivity changes, if applicable.

In this dialog, moderators also have access to their student's connectivity log. This lets you know if students reporting glitches have had recent connectivity issues.

Technically, what does a live broadcast represent?

The quality and stability of a virtual classroom broadcast depends on a multitude of factors.

For example, keep in mind that a broadcast with 20 users who share their webcams generates a total of 400 different data streams simultaneously!

For the same 20-person class where only one presenter is broadcasting their image and microphone, the virtual classroom will generate only 20 different data streams.

If you observe a decrease in your connection quality, do not hesitate to close cameras that are not in use. This will optimize the performance of the virtual classroom.

We always recommend that you first test this feature to make sure it works well with your hardware and working environment.

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