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A student is having trouble logging in to your platform?
A student is having trouble logging in to your platform?

How to assist a student who is not able to log in to your platform.

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When it comes to users logging in to platform, our support team does not have any magical tool to assist.

We follow some specific use case to troubleshoot and understand what may be causing the issue.

Here are the different scenarios to explore to solve the most frequent log in problems caused by students.

Log in to the right place

Each platform has its own URL. Your student must log on your specific platform's URL.

From there, the student can log in through the designated area, on the home page of a platform. It is important to validate that the connection attempt is made through the "sign in" section, and not the "sign up".

Note: No Workleap LMS platform has ".www" in its address. If a platform seems inaccessible or shows an "unsafe connexion" warning, always verify that you are accessing it via a URL such as

In some instances, a student may try to log in through the account creation page. It won't work.

Whenever an "unavailable" email address notification is brought up, that means the student is trying to create an account with an address that already exists on the platform.

In the case of a forgotten password, the student will not be able to create a new account with a previously used address, in order to change his password. It is impossible to have several accounts associated to a single email address on a Workleap LMS platform.

There is absolutely nothing that Workleap LMS can do to help a user to connect and/or lookup for a password. We do not have access to our user's passwords and the only way to reset the password of an account is to initiate a forgotten password procedure.

Forgotten password

On the platform's home page, click on "Forgot your password?" quicklink, under the login area.

Follow the on-screen instructions to change your password and regain access to your account.

Troubleshoot login issues as an administrator

As a platform administrator, Workleap LMS offers you all the necessary tools to support your users in their connection process, if need be.

Workleap LMS does not have any additional tools that could bypass this process.

As previously explained, when it comes to an "unavailable" address, this means that the student is trying to create an account with an address already in use.

You always have access to the email addresses of all the accounts created on your platform under Menu > Users > Manage users.

Use the "Filter by Name or Email" search bar to look for an account that is having difficulty logging in. You can confirm that the address does exist on the platform and that the account is indeed active.

An administrator can always edit its users informations, including the email. Move your mouse over the designated user and click on Edit.

Accounts duplicates

It may happen that users create a second accounts (duplicated) because their first account's email had an error or a typo and they were unable to log in again.

To restore access to an account with purchases/enrollments that has an incorrect email address, you will need to make the initial email available to begin with.

To do this, you can put a false email address on the second account created. This will make the correct address available again, thus allowing you to assign it to the account linked to enrollments.

We encourage you to deactivate any duplicates you find to reduce any risk of confusion on the user's part moving forward.

Note that deactivating an account will not make an email available. It will still be associated with an existing account and therefore, it will still be impossible to use for a new users.

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