Duplicate a course

Create a copy of an existing course

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Duplicating a course is a great way to create in-house course templates and accelerate course creation!

To duplicate an existing course, go to Content > Manage courses.

Open the option menu "..." at the right of the course you want to duplicate and click on Duplicate.

Course duplication may take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your course. It will duplicate every piece of content, including all versions and syllabuses, associated with the original course.

A label will appear to the right of the course being duplicated; thus confirming the copy is in progress.

Once the duplication is complete, your platform will show a confirmation message at the bottom left of your screen.

Once duplicated, the original course will show a View the duplication button. This button will bring you directly to the last copy generated by this course. Each duplicates will have the same title as the original with the addition of "- Copy" to help you identify them.

From there, you can safely edit the new copy while being assured that it will not effect the original course.

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