Manage your Workleap LMS plan

Change your subscription and billing information

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To manage your Workleap LMS plan and billing information, go to Configuration > Account management > Workleap LMS Plan.

From there, you will have access to all the information about your Workleap LMS plan.

Billing details

Your billing information may differ from the platform's default information. If need be, click on Edit my information to change your billing details.

Once an invoice has been issued, it is not possible to change the billing details retroactively. Changes will only apply to future invoices.

Current plan

This section allows you to consult your currant Workleap LMS plan as well as its automatic renewal date. Click on Manage my plan to change your plan or your payment method (annual or monthly).

If you subscribe to a paid plan during your free trial period, the subscription will only start after your trial ends!

If you are on a public platform (Standard or Professional) and you'd like to switch to a private platform with Workleap LMS Entreprise, please contact us.

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