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Adding a Berrycast video (screen capture) to a course
Adding a Berrycast video (screen capture) to a course

Easily insert a screen recording to a lesson

Written by Maxime Soucy
Updated over a week ago

Accelerate your content creation by importing a Berrycast video in a few seconds.

Here is how to do it:

What is Berrycast?

Berrycast allows you to easily record and share secure video messages from your screen, your camera, or both.

You can select your whole screen or only a recording area of your choice. Once your video is complete, stop recording and trim the beginning or end of your message as needed.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can copy the link to the video and paste it directly into a video lesson on Didacte.

You must have a Berrycast account to create screen captures. Try it for free and get a 20% discount on the Berrycast pro plan with Didacte!

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