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Mandatory Full Video Playback Requirement
Mandatory Full Video Playback Requirement

Make video lessons playback mandatory

Updated over a week ago

You can require the full video playback from your users. This feature prevent students from moving on to the next lesson until they have watched the entire video.

You can only configure this option in Video lessons. It is not possible to require full video playback for videos inserted in Quiz or Text type lessons.

Turn on the feature

Head to your course syllabus and click on Edit content next to a video lesson. You can turn on the feature under your video by clicking on the toggle. Videos uploaded to your platform as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos can use this option.

Turning on this feature only applies to the video lesson you're working on. This feature must be activated on each video lesson, as needed.

Auto-saved Playback Progress

When a student watches a video lesson, Didacte saves the playback progress in real time.

If a student leaves the platform while watching a video lesson, he will resume where he left, when coming back.

Video Viewing Speed

When you activate the mandatory playback feature, Didacte limits the viewing speed to 1.5x during the first listening. When a video has been watched in full, the participant can then return to watch the video again, up to 4x speed.

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