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With its Rich text lessons, Workleap LMS allows you not only to create text content, but also to add all kinds of different elements to it, such as texts, images, videos, audios, grids, hyperlinks, iframes and more!

Like a classic word processing application, the Rich text editor gives you a multitude of possibilities. Let's review the different groups of tools available in the editor.

Text formatting

The first group of tools on the left will allow you to change the text formatting. These tools are similar to what is already found in classic word processing solutions.

The More Text button allows you to show advanced formatting options.

Paragraph formatting

The central tool block gives you the ability to modify paragraph attributes. You can set up different title levels, bulleted/numbered lists and citations.

It is possible to modify the alignment of the selected text or paragraph. The More Paragraph tool offers additional possibilities in this regard.

Please note that text is always aligned left by default. This is a web standard that provides the highest level of readability on as many devices as possible.

Rich text options

The tool block on the right of the editor helps you to add hyperlinks, images, videos or audio files to your text. Like a word processing application, it is possible to move the added elements to the desired location in the text.

The More Rich button lets you add iframe content, emojis, tables, and special characters to your text.

Also, the Quick Insert button on the left of the editor offers shortcuts to the most frequently used tools.

Add an iframe

Rich text lessons give you the possibility to embed content hosted elsewhere on the web.

Through the More Rich button or via the Quick Insert tool, click on Add an iframe. A window will then open, requesting information about your externally hosted content.

A size for your iframe is already suggested by default, in order to display an optimized ratio for the lesson. It is possible to change your iframe's size according to your needs, but it cannot exceed the space available for the lesson.

As the use of an iframe uses content hosted outside of Workleap LMS, it is not possible to track your students progress on the elements added this way.

It should be noted Workleap LMS cannot provide technical support for the insertion of elements created outside the platform or be held responsible for the performance of said content, via this feature.

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