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Customize your Workleap LMS sales invoices

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If you sell online courses, ensuring conformity between your existing accounting and invoicing in Workleap LMS is a priority.

To facilitate this work, you can configure your invoices in the section Menu > Sales > Sales settings > Invoices.

This allows you to enter additional information that will appear on the invoices issued to your customers. It is also possible to choose a prefix and/or a suffix to add to your invoice numbering.

To view an issued invoice, go to the Sales > Sales reports section and select the report named "Sales". You can use the filters to find a specific invoice, then click on the invoice number you wish to view.

This will show you the details of the transaction, but you can see an exact copy of the invoice sent to your customer by clicking on the "View full invoice" button in the upper-right corner of the page.

Receive invisible copies (BCC) of invoices

It is possible to receive an email copy of all invoices issued by your platform.

To set this up, head to Configuration > General Settings and click on the Communications tab.

The Email copies section will allow you to designate an email address that will receive all your BCC invoices.

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