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Navigating in Workleap LMS : Student version
Navigating in Workleap LMS : Student version

As a participant, discover how is organized in your training platform!

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Welcome to your training platform, powered by Workleap LMS!

To simplify your experience, here is a quick tour of navigating the platform.

General overview

Upper navigation bar

In the upper-right corner of your screen, you will find the navigation bar for some quick access:

The Course directory allows you to view all the public courses on the platform, organized by category. You will find a submenu to search by keyword or filter the courses according to your interests.

The User Menu groups together all the information related to your personal account, namely your profile’s management, your invoices and your subscriptions. If you need to view or print a copy of an invoice, this is where you can do it.

Student Sidebar Navigation

To the left of the interface are the student sections, meaning the pages that are only available to you. Let's see them in detail.

The first element is the home page, personalized according to your profile. You will find your active enrollments there, as well as the courses highlighted by the platform administrator. It is also the default page when you connect to Workleap LMS.

My groups

If you are a group supervisor, you can follow the activities of other students on the platform. You can therefore view the list of your assigned users, as well as their progress reports.

My courses

This section includes all your enrollments, either for a course or a learning path. On each page, you can see the active enrollments as well as the completed ones.


The platform administrator's website and social networks are displayed at the bottom of the interface. If applicable, the general conditions of use will also be shown there. If the platform is available in several languages, this is where you can change your display language.

Start a course

Navigating in a course is very simple. Only a few options are available to you as a user. Here is an example of an in-course lesson:

In this case (text lesson), you will obviously find the main content in the right part of the page. You can also access the course plan at any time on the left side of the main interface. You'll be able to see completed lessons as well as the date when a lesson will be available if it's on a drip content schedule.

In the top right corner, you will find attachments related to the lesson (if applicable), as well as a note-taking tool. Notes are private and are not accessible to the platform admins.

To move on to the next lesson, click the Complete lesson button at the bottom right of the page. Using this button is the only way to progress in a course. If you navigate directly in the course plan, your progression won't be saved.

Completing a course

To complete a course, you will need to click the Complete course button, which can be found in the very last lesson of any course.

This step is crucial to complete the course:

  • Your trainer/administrator will know that you have completed their course.

  • This action will remove the course from you "Active enrollments" section.

  • A completion certificate will be issued if this option has been actived by the platform administrator.

Please note that the contents and notes of a completed course are available at all times.

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