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Collaborating with your in-house experts to simplify content creation

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The author role in Workleap LMS allows you to solicit the help of additional people to create the training plan and create content.

Although the creation of the training must be initiated by a user with a role of trainer, an author is autonomous to come and create/modify the content of the training. You can add an unlimited number of authors to a course.

Course authors are a great way to accelerate content creation for various use cases:

  • Succession planning: Calling in your key employees to quickly document what they feel is critical information or processes that are currently not documented within the business

  • Upskilling/reskilling: Facilitate lunch and learn or mentoring opportunities between colleagues

  • Operational procedures: Build ownership of processes by adding subject matter experts to operational trainings and how-to's

  • Content update management: Share and decentralize course content maintenance responsibilities with key members of your organization

An author can:

  • Modify the course outline

  • Create and edit lessons

However, an author cannot:

  • Edit general course details and settings

  • Publish or unpublish a course

  • View user progress information associated with training

This role is therefore ideal for collaborating with your internal content experts and decentralizing the content creation responsibility.

Set up an author role

Under a user's settings, you can now configure the "author" role to a user.

The author is closely linked to a content provider on your platform in order to have good control over which range or course he may be required to contribute.

Add an author to a course

Under the "Collaborators" tab of your training creation interface, you can select one or more users with an author role, or with a higher level of access.

When a user is added as an author, they will now be able to access the "Content > Manage training" tab in order to access the "plan" tab of your training editor.

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