Included exclusively in our "Professional" and "Enterprise" packages, the activation of the manual enrollments function now allows you to display training courses with limited access and the creation of hidden training.

Course available by invitation (public)

This configuration empowers you to create courses that are publicly displayed in your training directory, but not available for instant access.

Your members must request an access, which then may be approved or denied by the adminisitrator. These courses are ideal for courses with prerequisites or specific criterias.

Any requested access will be posted as pending by the use of a notification point within your menu, under the "Manual Enrollments> Enrollment Requests" tab.

Under the designated section, you will find the list of pending applications, as well as the list of registrations that you have previously approved or rejected.

You may add a comment on the approval or denial of the application to communicate your decision to the member.

Course available by invitation (private)

Private courses are not publicly displayed on your platform. This is a good approach for creating and providing tailor-made content to specific customers, or for a segmentation of your userbase (eg Business Management). The only way for a member to access this content is through manual registration processed by an administrator.

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