Didacte allows you to integrate your course cards directly within your website. This is one of the strategies at hand to put your trainings up front, generating traffic more easily. It facilitates the access to your content for your visitors and potential clients. Didacte supports the oEmbed protocol for the integration of these cards.

Here's how to display a course card on your website.

Retrieving the web address of your online course

Once your online course is published, you must retrieve it's URL in the address bar.

To support this with an example, we will use be using the following URL:


HTML code generation (Embed)

Using the following tool, all you need to do is copy your URL in the designated box.

Tech wizard tip: You can control the language of the call-to-action button by adding "?locale=en" or "?locale=fr" following your standard URL.

Once submitted, you will be displayed various information alongside a preview of the course card as it would appear on your website.

All that's left to do is copy and paste the html  line directly in your website's code and you are good to go!

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