In order to provide the best experience for your customers and prospects, it's a good idea to take a few moments and customize the appearance of your platform. If done right, this will provide a seemless workflow for your visitors and look like an extension of your website. Don't have any website yet? Do you really need one? The appearance customization enables you to use Didacte as a microsite in itself.

It is therefore essential that it respects the brand image of your project.

Color Management

The color management is of course the first step towards a custom platform. Whether using the color picker or your official HEX codes, Didacte offers a declination in 3 stages to optimize the color rendering of your platform.

The primary color acts as the general environment of your platform. From the background color to the admin bar, this is the most important color on your platform.

The main button color represents the connection buttons and action buttons of the administrative section.

The secondary button color is used for the registration button as seen by your participants.

Logo Management

Your logo should be submitted in .png format with a transparent background. Nobody likes a flat white background logo superimposed on your header.

We always encourage the use of a monochrome or white version of your logo to ensure the best rendering on your platform. Your logo is used on several levels in the platform, as well as on the certificates.

Header Image

Didact offers 3 alternatives for your platform header.

You can configure a custom color or an image of your choice. Since Didacte uses responsive design, the header can be resized according to the screen resolution of your student. It is therefore advisable to use a generic image and avoid images with a strong focal point.

You can also choose the alignment of the image to better handle the resizing of your image as needed.

Unknown to many, the favicon represents the miniature version icon presented in the tab of your web browser. Proper use of the favicon helps to refine the overall look of your platform and allows for an even smoother transition between your website and the app.

It is recommended, as it is for the logo, to use a file with transparent background to obtain a better result.

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