By default, as Didacte offers free content hosting for its clients, each platform is created as a subdomain to

Didacte also makes it possible you to configure your learning platform in order to be accessible on your own domain name. This allows you to direct your users to an address of your choosing, such as or instead of

Please note that this feature is only included in our paid plans.

Activation Request Procedure

To activate a custom domain, first create a CNAME DNS entry to for

Exception: if and only if you want to setup a root domain (ex., replace your DNS A record entry pointing to for @. The @ is how the root domain is usually setup in a DNS panel. Keep the CNAME to for the www. We will redirect the root domain to the www domain for you.

Then contact our team via chat or email so that we can complete the configuration process.

Following the activation of your custom domain

Once the activation is completed, you and your users will be automatically directed to the new address of your Didacte platform.

If visitors go to, they will be sent to the new address

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