The use of completion certificate within Didacte can be interesting in various several aspects for your online training.

While this is automatically generated by our systems, the intention behind its use must be consistent and in support to your business model.

When used properly, certifications become an integral part of your training tracking process, a commitment mecanism for your users and a potential magnet for new participants.

To activate the completion certificate generation for a training session, simply check the designated checkbox under the "Information" tab of the training creation module.

The certificate automatically presents the general information of your training:

• The name of the participant
• The trainer's name
• The title of the training
• Completion date
• The unique certificate number

A text box is also at your disposal to add specific information of your choice.

For any professional organizations offering accredited trainings, the completion certificate is a key component of the development compliance process.

The mention of each credit associated with your training will be added to your certificate. The reference number, if applicable, will also be displayed under the credit section of the certificate.

A certificate is automatically transmitted to the participant following his training. Your certificate is also available in your profile, if you need to refer to it in the future.

How to retrieve a certificate in Didacte

Whether for you or your members, here is how a participant can retrieve a copy of the completion certificate at any time.

Under the "completed courses" section of your user profile, choose the specific course for which you would like to pull the completion certificate. 

Under the completed course breakdown, you will quickly find the "Certificates" row, with actionable buttons. You can retrieve your certificates in PDF format or by email.

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