The "Manage Users" section is where administrators can view their users' list, their personal information, their most recent activities and determine their access levels.

The User Profile

The user profile card contains the following mandatory information:

  • Email
  • User Registration Record
  • Preferred Language
  • Location
  • Enrollments
  • Latest Activity

NOTE: Should you need additional/specific information added in the account creation protocole, get in touch with our team. We will be happy to customize your platform and add new criterias.

Reports and filters

Didacte makes it easy to filter your users according to several variables such as groups, access or email.

You can extract your list of users in .CVS or .XLS files, including contact information.

Did you know that you can connect your Didacte platform to your Mailchimp newsletter through our integration with Zapier? Create multiple automation through a set of different trigger, such as "Creation of a user account".

Alert Icons

Alert icons give you additional information about your members' automated communications process.

Following the invitation to a platform, a user profile will be displayed in your user list. A blue envelope icon lets you know if the member has viewed this email and set up his account. This icon also gives you access to the date of the initial user invitation. If necessary, you can generate a new invitation by clicking on the envelope.

A small yellow or red envelope icon will be added to each user for whom we have received a rejected email notification.

This addition will help you to make the necessary verifications when a member or a client mentions you that they have not received any email communication.

It should be noted that rejected e-mail notices can sometimes take hours or even days, so these warnings may not be immediate.

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