One of Didacte's main sections is the dashboard. This section gives you access to important performance statistics and the quick low-down on what is happening on your platform.

Dynamic Graphic Chart

The dashboard is initially composed of a dynamic graph showing you the overall performances of your platform during the last 30 days. Whether you are looking for information in regard to sales, registrations or the number of new users, you have control over the period of coverage of your data presented.


The second component of the dashboard is a summary of the reported performance of your platform since its creation. So have the right time on the current situation of your training environment.

What's new?

This section gives a look at what's new on your platform, either your latest courses created or new users. This provides, among other things, quick access to the integration or modification of the content of a training being created.

Latest Activity

Lastly, you will find the most recent activities of your platform users. These are generated according to a selection of events or actions taken by your members.

Didacte recognizes a definite selection of events such as:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Course Completion
  • Create an account
  • User invitation
  • User re-invitation
  • Account update
  • Attachment download

Some of these events can be used to generate automations through our integration with Zapier.

Would you like more event options? Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know about your needs.

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