In addition to the 5 primary roles of users in Didacte, the collaborator feature was added in order to provide more flexibility to our clients who are working with industry experts and external ressources.

This feature is included in our Professional and Enterprise plans.

Following the same logic as all of the platform's roles, the collaborators will only be presented information related to the courses to which they are assigned to.

You can designate users as collaborators to give them access to some of the course information in a read-only way.

A collaborator will be able to:

  • Preview the course content
  • View the list of users enrolled to this course
  • View submitted quizzes and their results

A collaborator will not be able to:

  • Access the sales reports
  • Access the admin dashboard

Collaborators work independently from roles, therefore even students can be set up with this set of permissions.

The collaborator information is included in our Zapier integration, as one of the many information that can be used to create automations.

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