Didacte distinguishes itself in the LMS market by enabling clients to configure and manage multiple taxes at the same time.

Setting up a tax system on a Didacte platform is simple, but requires a clear understanding of your accounting obligations, according to your business tax records.

When a user creates his account, his region will be pre-filled according to his location, mails he can change at any time.

Creation of a tax system (North American)

Creating a system that meets North American standards is very simple.

First, you will need to create your country tax.

As an example here, you will need to create your basic Canadian tax (GST).

Since the transactions are geolocated, you can create regional taxes to add an additional region tax rate, or completely replace the federal tax rate.

Using a training provider based in Quebec as example, the creation of the QST will be made as a regional tax, which needs to be added to the country tax.

Example: Quebec

As some provinces are managed under a harmonized tax, you can create these specific regional taxes, which will completely replace the country tax. These regions are:

  • Ontario
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • New Scotland
  • Prince Edward Island

Example: Ontario

Creation of a tax system (Europe)

A default tax may be included in the prices displayed (as required by the European VAT).

This distinction is the one element that must be considered, contrary to the North American method.

If you want to apply a certain tax to all purchases, regardless of the customer's region, you can identify a tax as default.

This activation is done through a checkbox, located at the bottom of the new tax creation section.

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