The course versions allow you to create different versions for a single course, according to different contexts.

These versions are associated with one or different syllabuses.

When creating your course, your original syllabus will at the same time create a first version of your training.

From there, the version feature allows you to duplicate a syllabus and create slight modifications, as needed.

The enrollments are now associated with a specific version in order to simplify the progress tracking of your users.

"Versions" tab

Under this tab, you will now find various parameters and settings, giving you more flexibility over the state and format of your course.

The public display of your course syllabus is now associated with your version registration period.

When no date is entered, your version is permanently displayed to users and available for registration.

By programming a registration period for your versions, your users will only be able to register during this predetermined period.

At the end of the registration period, the version will be removed from the public display.

Your registered users will keep access to your training.

You can now also limit the number of registrations for version.

This addition facilitates, among other things, cohorts management.


For each version you create, you can:

  • Create a new plan
  • Link your version to an existing plan
  • Duplicate a lesson plan

This means to speed up your course creation process and to avoid continually having to recreate the core of your course plan.


In order for you to fully explain the distinctions between your different versions, the details section allows you to add information, which will be presented in addition to the official description of your training.

This information will be presented in the header of the description section, as well as under the "Versions" tab.

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