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Getting up and running the right way

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Be advised that this article is only applicable for legacy customers who have not been migrated to the Workleap Platform, effective April 2024

As your business is constantly evolving, it is important for us that your Workleap LMS platform evolves at the same pace.

The general information of your platform can be modified at any time under Configuration > General settings. You can change your settings through different sections.



This section allows you to change your platform's general information.

The Tagline and Description fields, though often underestimated, have a major impact on your platform. Each of the information used in these text boxes will be retrieved by the different search engines.

The content of the Description field will be visible in search engine results. The Tagline will be displayed as the title of your pages on browsers and on the header of your home page.

These sections should be seen as your first impression displayed to the general audience. The strategic use of keywords directly related to your niche is paramount. It is important to respect the web copywriting standards in order to optimize the impact on your organic SEO.

  • Workleap LMS is a 100% bilingual platform, from the interface to its customer service. You can activate the multilingual functions independently.

By activating a 2nd language, the text fields of your platform will be doubled for translations. Although the interface will now be bilingual, each training must be independent to improve performance tracking. It is therefore necessary to create a French online course and a second course for his English counterpart.

Web address

In addition to changing the name of your platform, you can also change the web address as you wish. As we host the content of our customers at no cost, Workleap LMS platforms are all created in subdomain of

By changing the value of the Web address field, the new information will be automatically updated and will generate a new subdomain name.

We do not recommend changing your address if your platform has been generating traffic for a while. If you change your address, we will not redirect to the previous one.


Finally, the Legal section allows you to add specific information to your terms & conditions of use. These are added to Workleap LMS's terms.

Your users will need to accept these terms when creating their account on your platform.

Communications tab

As the administrator of your platform, you act as the first responder for all support requests. Our team will always be happy to take relay on any technical request.

The public Support email will be indicated at the bottom of all your platform's pages.

The Email copies section will allow you to designate an email address that will receive all your BCC invoices.

Also, the All email field offers you the possibility of receiving a copy of each email sent automatically by your platform.

Warning: It is advised to create a dummy email address for this. Entering your personal email may result in being flooded with automated emails.

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