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Public, per enrollment request or private course access

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In our Learning Management System (LMS), you have the option to publish your courses based on three different access levels, each offering specific features to meet your training management needs.

The level of access can be configured on a specific course, through the course builder, under the "access" tab

Here's an overview of each level:

1. Public Courses

Public courses are accessible to all users of your LMS. They are listed in the course catalog and can be viewed and completed independently by any user through a self-serve approach. These courses are ideal for disseminating general knowledge or basic skills on a wide scale.

2. Per Enrollment/Access Request Courses

Per Enrollment / Access Request courses are also visible in the course catalog, but they require an access request to participate. Interested users can view these courses and submit an enrollment request. An administrator must then approve or deny each request.

This approach is ideal for exposing all available courses to your employees while controlling access to certain ones. It encourages and supports internal mobility, or highlights organic interests of engaged employees.

Pending renrollment requests can be easily viewed via the main menu of your LMS, under the "Enrollments > Enrollment Requests" tab.

You may add a comment on the approval or denial of the enrollment request to communicate your decision to the member.

3. Private Courses, available through Manual Enrollment

Private courses are not visible in the public course catalog of your LMS by default. They can only be accessed through manual enrollment by an administrator, or by including them in a specific learning path.

Once enrolled, users can easily access these courses through their user dashboard or personal course directory. This approach is ideal for confidential or group-specific training.

By utilizing these different levels of course publication, you can effectively manage access to your courses and customize the learning experience for your users, while ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive content.

If you need additional assistance setting up or managing your course publication levels, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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