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Control how fast your users will be able to access your content

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Drip content allows you to progressively grant access to your lessons and modules within a course. This feature empowers you to strategically make sure that they don't get all of the information all at once.

Dripping content is a learning strategy that is often used for technical training. By releasing access to your content on specific dates or delays, you can ensure that your students optimize their information retention and have enough time to put to practice each components before moving on to the next modules.

Upon activation of this feature, you will be able to drip content based on 2 specific starting points:

  • Based on the participant's enrollment date

  • Based on a hard date

By setting up delays on lessons and modules, you can program a learning sequence that will be designed to optimize your student's evolution.

You can set delays on lessons, which will all be managed individually, or set up a delay on a module. This delay will be applied to all of the lessons within the module and be unlocked all at once.

A lesson without a drip date/delay will be considered immediately available upon registration for the training, regardless of the drip start period.

If you want the lesson to be available only from the start date, you must specify 0 in the lesson's drip field.

Drip by days after enrollment

If you are looking to set up an evergreen course that is accessible at all time and requires little to no management on your end, then dripping based on the enrollment date is the way to go.

Drip by Start Date

Best used for cohorts and extensive learning programs, dripping by dates allows you to make sure that all of your participants are learning at the same pace. This approach is designed for online training supported with in-class activities or live webinars.

Delays will be enforced based on the fixed date you will set up on the course.

The drip start date is associated with the enrollment of a student. If you change the date after having had enrollments, the change will only be applicable for future enrollments.

Email Notification

An email is automatically sent to your participants to advise them whenever new contents are accessible.

Linear learning

Do not confuse drip content with the learning approach chosen to organize your syllabus.

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