Managing the linear learning approach

Understand the basics of linear syllabuses

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Linear learning allows administrators to impose a logical order for viewing content within a course.

This setting is located under the "syllabus" tab of your course builder.

The logic of this function ensures that a user has viewed each lesson before they can complete a course.

However, what happens if you add content to a course that already has enrollments in progress?

To help you better understand and use this feature, here is the logic behind it:

  • When a user is enrolled in a course with linear learning, he starts from the first lesson automatically.

  • To be able to start a new lesson, you must have completed the previous lesson.

  • It is not possible for the user to complete the course until all the lessons have been completed.

  • This means that if a user is at lesson 5 out of 10, and a lesson is added in position 2, the user will still be able to go to the last lesson.

Following the previous example, this means that the user will be asked to go back in the course in order to complete the lesson that has been added along the way.

  • Something completed cannot be "uncompleted" by the system. Even if new lessons are added, it does not affect the state of previous completed lessons by the user in a course.

Drip content

If you want to delay the access to certain modules, then you will have to use drip content.

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