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Restricted Access User Groups

Contextual display control of courses, based on user groups

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The restricted groups feature gives you more control over the display of public courses to your users.

This feature is exclusive to our Enterprise plan customers.

Using this feature ensures that your employees are exposed to relevant content, specific to their role within the company. This therefore eliminates the risk of presenting sensitive content to unauthorized users.

A user assigned to a restricted access group will only see authorized courses associated with that group. All other public courses will not be displayed to him in the "All Courses" interface.

The feature is activated at the sub-group level via Users > Groups > Modify a sub-group

When you access the parameters of the sub-group, you can then activate the function using the button reserved for this purpose.

Once activated, you will be able to list the trainings and restrict the display of trainings for users of this group.

Note that you can add or remove access to new functions at any time.

Monitoring of restricted access groups

When a sub-group has a particularity in terms of restricted access, a "Restricted access" tag will be displayed in the group directory to help you locate it.

Quick addition or withdrawal of a user group access restriction to a specific course

In a course editor, you will be able to see all the groups for which the restricted access functionality is activated, under the "Access and payment" tab.

Consequently, you can choose to include or exclude said course for each of these sub-groups.

This gives you 2 different paths to better control the restricted access groups.

Private courses by manual enrollment

It is important to note that the restricted access groups feature is different from the private courses available through the manual enrollment feature.

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