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Stream presentations in real time with the webinars feature, available on all paid plans. This tool allows you to broadcast live content to an audience in listen-only mode.

Thanks to recording, this feature also facilitates the creation of content in Workleap LMS from a PDF presentation or screen sharing!

The technology used for the webinar is the same as for the virtual classroom (Pro and Enterprise feature), but the options are optimized for broadcasting to a larger number of participants:

In a webinar :

  • Only moderators can activate their camera and microphone

  • There are no private meeting rooms (breakout rooms)

Although the minimum system requirements remain the same as for the virtual classroom, blocking the cameras allows for more than a hundred participants.

Configure your first webinar on Workleap LMS

Under the Syllabus tab of an existing or new course, add a "Webinar" lesson to your syllabus, enter a name, and save.

By clicking on "Edit content", you will be able to configure the date and time of your live webinar.

Once the lesson is saved, you will be able to access the webinar interface. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the tools at your disposal!

Any changes you make to the webinar will be deleted if you exit the interface before the broadcast.

The webinar will be available to participants only at the configured start time. Otherwise, they will see a message advising them that the webinar will be available shortly.

You can allow early access to the webinar by setting a buffer period during which participants can connect before the official start (between 5 and 30 minutes before the scheduled time).

Automated notification

A reminder email is automatically sent to all participants registered for your training, 60 minutes before your webinar's scheduled start time. A quick access link is provided in the email to simplify login for attendees.

Discover the webinar tool

Welcome to your webinar! Several features are available to you, which we will divide into these categories:

1. Participation and animation

When you connect to the webinar, moderators have the option of joining the audio with a microphone or listening only.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to mute your microphone, mute the audio, share your webcam, or share your screen.

To replace the presentation, you must click on the "+" button in the lower-left corner. You have the option of selecting a video already online (you will need the URL) or uploading a presentation.

We recommend that you save your presentation as a PDF, as some Microsoft Office fonts are not supported.

Thanks to the menu on the right side, you have access to animation tools such as a pointer, text input, a brush, etc.

You can switch slides and zoom in/out from the menu in the lower right corner of the presentation. Participants will see the same thing unless they have hidden the presentation (see the blue button in the upper right corner).

2. Messages and notes

The public discussion allows a live chat with all the participants of the session. Shared notes also offer the possibility of exchanging text, without however identifying the participant who wrote.

The virtual classroom also allows for a private chat. To speak to only one of your users, you can click on their name and start a private chat.

3. User Management

By clicking on a user, you can chat with them in private, mute them (useful for eliminating noise distractions), change their role or remove them from the webinar.

The three possible roles are:

  • Presenter, the one who controls the progress of the presentation and the animation

  • Moderator(s), the one or those who support the presenter (restricted access)

  • Normal users, those who attend and participate to the course

When you assign the Presenter role to a user, they will be able to activate their microphone, but not their camera. Only Moderators have access to camera options.

If a user accidentally disconnects and cannot join the webinar back, read this article to find out how to help them.

4. Webinar recording

You can record all or certain segments of your webinar, in order to make them available for replay. These will be automatically uploaded to the app a few minutes after the webinar ends.

Note that webinar recordings works exactly the same as virtual classroom recordings. Here is an article for all the details:

5. Other settings

In the upper right corner, the icon of the 3 small superimposed dots gives you access to some additional options. By opening the settings, each user can control these options individually.

If one of your participants uses a slow internet connection, you can advise them to change the data saving options in their settings.

When you want to end the webinar, click the "End Meeting" button.

Again, we strongly recommend that you test the tool's environment before the day of your live meeting.

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