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Learning paths auto-enrollment
Learning paths auto-enrollment

Automate the training process of your employee groups

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Didacte allows you to automate the onboarding of your new employees by automatically enrolling them in learning paths, following their invitation on the platform.

To do this, you must have user groups as well as learning paths already created on your platform.

Link a learning path to a group

First, go to Users > Groups and then click on the Subgroup to which you want to link a learning path.

Use the dropdown menu to choose a learning path to link and click on the Add button. It is possible to link several learning paths to a subgroup.

If a learning path linked to a subgroup is unpublished and then users are added to this subgroup, they will not be automatically enrolled when the learning path is published again.

Voilà! When a user is added to the subgroup, it will automatically be enrolled in the linked course(s).

Link a group to a learning path

Conversely, it is also possible to assign groups to a learning path. To do this, click on Content > Learning Paths. Then click on the learning path you'd like to edit.

In the learning path editor, use the Access tab to assign the groups of users that will be automatically enrolled.

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