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Automate the course requalification requirements of your workforce

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Some training must be taken more than once in order to update an employee's knowledge or maintain a professional certification. Our course requalification feature automates this process and helps you keep your team's skills up to date.

This feature is exclusive to customers on the Enterprise plan.

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How do I set up a requalification period on a course?

Each course can have its own requalification parameters. Therefore, requalifications are set up as part of the official individual course creation process.

To access this feature, go under Content > Manage courses, then select an existing training or create a new one.

In the sub-navigation of the course builder, located on the right, go under Completion and find the Requalification section on the page.

Turn on the Requalification feature to access the parameters

By default, requalifications are not retroactive. If you enable this feature, only future course completions will be eligible for requalification.

If you activate the feature on a course associated with enrollments that have already been completed, you will have the option of applying the requalification period retroactively to every users enrolled in the course.

An email will be sent out to any user who is requested to requalify according to their last completion date.

Duration of the course validity

The validity period corresponds to the number of months during which the training is valid from its initial completion date. If, for example, the training must be taken every 2 years, you can indicate "24" in the "number of months" box.

As soon as a user has completed a course for the first time, the user will then have 24 months before his certification expires.

Requalification period

The requalification period corresponds to the number of days during which the student can carry out his requalification. This number of days is calculated before the due date of the training.

Let's go back to our previous example with a validity period of 24 months, to which we add a requalification period of 30 days. In this case, the student will be able to re-enrolled in the training 23 months after the initial completion date and will have 30 days to re-complete the training from this date.

Assuming that the training was completed on June 1, 2022, the student will therefore be able to requalify between May 2 and May 31, 2024.

Warning: In order for a user to be able to requalify, his account must be active on the platform. Deactivating a user will result in a cancellation of its requalification period.

What happens when a training compliance period expires?

Between the date of completion and the start of the requalification, the student will have access as usual to his completed training in the platform. He can therefore consult the content again at any time, if necessary.

During the requalification period, the old registration will be removed and only the current new registration will be available on its platform. Thus, it will be impossible to consult his old quiz answers.

There will always be a record of each completion in the student's profile as well as in the enrollment reports so that the information is saved over time. A student could therefore have 5 registrations completed for the same training on dates spaced out in time.

What if the training is changed or updated?

Upon requalification, the student will be enrolled in the most up-to-date version of the training. If it has been modified since the initial completion, the user will therefore be exposed to new content.

Where can I track the requalifications statuses?

Requalifications are all listed in the Enrollments > Progress Reports > Requalifications section.

In this report, all the requalifications are listed, which you can filter according to their status:

  • In progress (during the requalification period)

  • To come (before the start of the requalification period)

  • Completed

  • Late (if the training is not completed after requalification period)

You can also select a course, a group or a user to narrow down your search.

Display for students

For students, it is also possible to consult their registrations in the My courses > Requalifications section. There, they will be able to easily see their active enrollments, those to come, the completed ones and the overdue requalifications.

They will be able to enroll and follow a course only during the requalification period or when it is late.

How do I modify a requalification?

Suppose a student asks you to extend his requalification period or you want to change the start or end date manually, you can do it from the user's profile.

Under any user profile, go to the Requalifications section and click on the submenu of the enrollment you wish to edit. Here you can edit or delete the requalification.

By clicking on Edit, you can change the start date and/or the end date of a specific enrollment.

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