Reminders for uncompleted courses

Automatically send emails inviting your students to complete their course!

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Encourage your participants to complete courses they are enrolled in by scheduling an automatic email. On each course in your platform, you can add up to 5 reminders for students who haven't completed it yet.

A course is considered complete in Didacte when a student has viewed all the lessons and reached the confirmation page.

Here are some quicklinks:

Add a completion reminder

Go to Content > Manage courses and select a course. In the submenu on the right, click on Completion and you will find the following Course completion reminders block on this page:

Click Add a completion reminder, then specify the number of days between the enrollment and the moment when the email is sent to students who have not completed the course. For example, if you want the reminder to be sent one week after enrollment, enter the number 7.

Note: Reminders are only sent to users who reach the configured period. Users who have already reached this period before the reminder was created will not receive the automated emails.

Optional: Add a personalized message

If you wish, you can add a personalized message to the email that will be automatically generated by our system. The message should be short and give your students good reasons to come back and complete their course.

Markdown is supported so that you can easily format your message.

Email preview

Here is an example of the email that would be sent for the reminder configured above:

Manage completion reminders

You can change the number of days to send a reminder or a personalized message at any time. Simply select the reminder you wish to change and click on Edit in the options on the right.

Note: If you change the number of days before a reminder is sent, users who have already received it will not receive it again.

You are allowed a maximum of 5 completion reminders per course.

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