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Supporting marketing initiatives with coupons

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Didacte allows its administrators to promote their courses using the integrated coupon system.

Please note: it is not possible to use coupons for subscriptions.

Coupon type

In the main menu, head to Sales > Coupons. You will be able to create your first discount coupon. Didacte offers you 2 possibilities: percentage-based or fixed amount discounts. Note that the discount will be made on the total amount before taxes of each transactions.

You have the freedom to create as many coupons as you want. Be creative and use coupon names that are in line with your marketing initiatives.

The "Description" field is also very useful for tracking purposes, taking notes of the campaign details and objectives of your coupons. Its content will never be shown to the user.

Coupon Settings

Whether unlimited or temporary, you have control over the type of use of your coupons.

Unlimited Use Coupons:

When the "Maximum number of redemptions" field is left empty, your coupon will be unlimited. This type of coupon is particularly useful for rewarding certain groups of customers, for example subscribers to your newsletter or members of your Facebook page.

Temporary Coupon:

You can also create temporary coupons with a specified lifespan. This type of coupon allows you to determine a validity period for its use. Often used to support event marketing initiatives, this is a strategic way to create a sense of urgency among your potential customers.

Coupon restrictions based on specific courses, users and/or groups:

You can create coupons whose use is limited to one or more specific courses.

The same pattern is offered to allow you to restrict coupon usage to specific users or groups.

You can therefore select specific eligibility criteria for a coupon to better define and control your marketing initiatives.

Bulk Coupons Set

If the need arises to create a large volume of single-use coupons, Didacte offers you an easy way to automatically create lots of unique coupons.

Following the same principles as coupon creation, the bulk coupons set module allows you to apply a common set of settings to a quantity of coupons of your choice.

These will then be grouped under the "Coupon bundle" tab. It is therefore possible for you to follow up on the use of each of the coupons of your different lots.

Redemptions tracking

You can keep an eye at all times on the performance of your coupons and their uses.

When a coupon is created, information about its parameters will be presented to you under the "Coupons" tab. So you can quickly get to the stats of use on active, inactive or archived coupons.

It's only up to you now to get creative and take advantage of this marketing tool!

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