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Navigating in Workleap LMS : Admin version
Navigating in Workleap LMS : Admin version

As an admin, discover how is organized in your training platform!

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Workleap LMS relies on the simplicity of the app, and it starts with a minimalist and well-structured menu. Each section of the menu has been thought out to properly meet the different needs of our customers and facilitate the browsing experience. We have also created submenus to group certain complementary sections and simplify the use of the platform.

For your users, we have prepared a “student” version of this article, available here.

Upper navigation bar

In the upper-right corner of your screen, you will find the navigation bar for some quick access:

The Course directory allows you to check all of your public courses, organized by category.

The Help Center gives you quick access to all our documentation to understand Workleap LMS’s features and find our tutorials.

The User menu includes all the information related to your account, such as the management of your profile, your invoices (if you have purchased courses) and your subscriptions. You will also find our affiliate program.

Administrator side navigation bar

To the left of the interface is the main navigation menu, divided into two main parts:

  • Managing the platform (administrator menu)

  • Using the platform (student menu)

As an administrator, you have access to both parts since you could also be a student on your platform.

In the administrator menu, you have all the necessary tools to carry out your training projects. The first element is your Dashboard, where you can see the activity on your platform in real-time as well as various performance indicators (KPIs).


In this section, create and manage your content (courses and learning paths). In the Manage Courses subsection, you'll find all of your courses, as well as a submenu to choose your featured courses and customize the display order of your courses.


This section focuses exclusively on user management. You can invite them, import several at once, and assign them different roles. This is also where you can create and manage your groups to facilitate batch operations.


It is in this section that you can manually enroll your students for courses and learning paths. You can also track their progress. When your participants submit a test to be corrected, this is where you can process it.


If you wish to sell your courses on Workleap LMS, this section offers you all the tools and settings to do so successfully. You can create promotional codes and subscription plans there, in addition to finding your sales report. Settings are where you connect your Stripe account and set up your taxes, among other things.


You will deal with this section, especially at your very beginnings on Workleap LMS to modify your general parameters and your platform’s appearance. In the advanced configuration, you will find all our external connections and integrations to create automation, like with Zapier, for example.


Your website and your social networks are displayed at the bottom of the interface. You can also add your general conditions of use. If your platform is available in several languages, this is where you can change your display language.

For any questions regarding navigation, do not hesitate to write to us via the chat available on your platform!

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